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M A D E   I N   G E R M A N Y
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UVDMD, single or multihead (1-8), in-field upgradeable.

Flatbed granite, S+M  high speed linear motor driven,
closed-loop 100nm encoder resolution XYZ positioning

Light Source:
Quad wavelength UV Semiconductor light engine.
Standard structuring capabilities:
12µm,  25µm,  50µm  (others on demand).

Photoresist coated panels, Soldermask, Polyester based films,
coated glass blanks or other media up to 12mm thick
All MIVA Direct Imagers are manufactured in Germany

Fine: Structures minimum  12µm or 25µm or 50µm

Fast: Up to 1500 double sided Panels 18" x 24" per day (dependent on model and resist sensitivity)

Faster: Multihead Systems with up to 8 Photoheads

Multimedial: Photoresist coated Panels, Soldermask,  UV Film, Ceramic, Phototooling Film/Glass;  0,05mm to 12mm

Reliable: MIVA Light Source  20.000 hours nominal, Swap & Go LED replacement

Accurate: Positioning +/-9µm over exposure bed area

On Target: Top/Bottom Layer Non-intrusive Machine Vision Registration 15µm or better

Job Control: job# batch# panel# sub-panel# unique panel# 2d binary codes easily implemented

Flexible: Global (full area) or partial (zoned) scaling in X and Y direction

In Focus: Telecentric exposure optics and on-the-fly Autofocus give in-focus range +-5000µm

Edge control: Quad Wavelength Control allows resist flank optimisation

Automatic: Automatic loading and unloading as option